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Taylor Made are specialists in cyber security and are urging businesses to get in touch if they have any concerns over the security of their IT systems.

We have recently seen more companies asking us to perform ‘vulnerability testing’ following the shocking news of the cyber-attack last year that cost the NHS £92 million in cancelled appointments.

The cyber-attack in May 2017 caught the NHS off guard and led to criticism over the adequacy of its computer defences.

The breach affected computers worldwide, disrupted services and led to thousands of cancelled NHS appointments.

A new report, published by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), states that one third of the NHS Trusts services and 8% of GP practices were affected due to the attack.

Lost access to patient information and essential systems cost the NHS an estimated £19 million after appointments were cancelled.

The cost of IT support during the attack was approximately £500,000, while that provided in June and July following the attack was an estimated £72 million. This includes support provided by NHS organisations and IT consultants to restore data and systems.

The WannaCry attack saw data on infected computers encrypted and issued users with a ransom demand to unlock their devices.

We believe the attack to be relatively unsophisticated and would like to warn businesses that future breaches could be more sophisticated.

Darren Scott-Healey, CEO of Taylor Made said: “I think the NHS attack has been a real wake up call for organisations across the board – both public and private. They have highlighted weak points they never thought would be a problem. They are understandably concerned that they might have similar issues. We are seeing a real increase in demand for vulnerability testing, along with the important job that comes afterwards – shoring up systems to keep them safe.”

Taylor Made are specialists in cyber security, and we have seen recently more companies asking us to perform ‘vulnerability testing’ following the high profile Wannacry hack last year.

The NHS carried out vulnerability testing on its own systems earlier this year, and according to the House of Commons public accounts committee, 200 trusts failed. This is an extremely high amount.

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