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Taylor Made Computer Solutions take home the Business Management Hall of Fame Award at DattoCon 2018.

This week Taylor Made attended DattoCon18 Barcelona– Datto and Autotask’s annual European conference for MSPs

For those of you who don’t know much about the two organisations, Datto provides a fantastic disaster recovery solution that allows servers to be recovered quickly in the event of a disaster, whether that’s on-premise or in the Datto cloud. Autotask, now under the Datto banner, provides a full ticketing and case management solution.

Datto has already protected some of our customers from complete disaster; from complete system failures due to a power outage through to major encryption issues caused by Ransomware. Datto’s solution not only protects critical business data reliably, but allows multiple restore points and provides that continuity solution, so our customers can keep operational when the worst happens.

Taylor Made attend this event annually and this year we are proud to announce that we won the Business Management Hall of Fame Award.  The award itself is to recognise those who have developed and benefited from a great deployment and to celebrate being a flagship customer for a number of years.

Presented live on the main stage in front of 2,000 other MSPs from around Europe, our award will be proudly on show at Taylor Made’s head Quarters. This is a great showcase to the strong partnership we have built with Datto over the years and to all of our customers that have benefitted from implementing a Datto backup and recovery solution.

For more information on our backup and recovery solutions please visit  Here

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