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Q&A with Peach Technologies and Taylor Made

Q: Just how big does this make you as a single entity?

Darren: To give you an idea of scale, the enhanced group will have sales of around £20m, circa 200 employees and a customer base of more than 1,000 organisations.

That makes us one of the biggest independent IT managed service provides in the country. It’s an exciting prospect. That said, we don’t want to act like a ‘big company’ when it comes to our clients. We want to retain the kind of customer service that they’re used to – fast, responsive and personal.

Q: What does this mean for your competitors?

Darren: Undoubtedly, it makes us a bigger fish in the pond. Taylor Made has always had a reputation for being a friendly and approachable company, combined with their excellent customer service. I think perhaps in the past that’s given Taylor Made’s competitors a false sense of just how strong their ambitions are. We want to be the number one IT and communications providers for small and medium size enterprises in the UK.

Q: And what about your clients?

Joe: For now it’s very much business as usual. Taylor Made remains a separate entity under the wider Peach group so our customers have the same service and engineering teams they’ve always known. However, it does bring some exciting benefits for the future. With the two companies coming together we’ll be able to offer an even wider range of services.

Darren: It means we’ll be able to deliver unprecedented innovation and extra resources going forward. That can only be a good thing. We’re holding a launch event at our office in Whiteley on Thursday, December 6 and we’ll be inviting all of our customers along. It’ll be a chance to meet the wider team and raise a toast to the new union between Peach and Taylor Made.

Q: Will the names change?

Joe: We’re currently operating under Taylor Made Computer Solutions, a Peach Technologies Company, however we are still deciding the best approach long-term.

Darren: We expect there may well be a name change on the horizon. Whatever we decide Taylor Made will remain the face for IT at Peach Technologies – we’ve both built too good a reputation to completely step away from the identities we’re known by.

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