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Taylor Made Computer Solutions and Peach Technologies have been making a real difference to the environment by reducing the emission produced by their car fleet.

On the 20th December 2017, Taylor Made welcomed six new BMWi3s to its fleet, marking its way by electrifying its pool cars.

CEO, Darren Scott-Healey said: “The entire team have been using these pool cars for well over a year now and it is great to know that we are making a real difference to the environment. We’re well-known for our branded cars and it’s been great driving these greener vehicles, out on the road.”

With the Government planning to ban the sale of all new petrol and diesel cars from 2040, an increasing number of businesses are starting to switch to electric cars. Taylor Made and Peach prides itself on being an early adopter and even has three charging points to ensure the i3s are ready for action at any time.

The vehicles are being used as ‘pool cars’ for the company’s 175 employees, who need to be ready to dash out and help clients at a moment’s notice.

“Since Peach Technologies and Taylor Made joined forces we now have customers that span across the whole of the UK” Darren said. “We’ll be able to use our chargers before we leave and top up with rapid charges on the road if necessary for longer journeys.”

Darren concluded: “Our current vehicles have relatively low emissions but since taking on our 6 BMWi3’s we have covered circa. 30,000 miles. To put a metric on that, the average emissions figure for our Skoda’s is 100g/km – this means we have saved 4,800KG of emissions from using our greener BMWi3’s as pool cars instead of the previous Skoda’s. We’re keen to take our carbon footprint down even lower. Making a positive impact on the world around us is important to all of us here at Peach Technologies and Taylor Made.”

There are currently an estimated 126,000 electric vehicles on the UK’s roads. According to the latest figures from the SMMT, more than 41,000 new alternatively fueled vehicles have been registered so far this year, up around a quarter on the same period last year.

New figures released by Go Ultra Low last week showed company car drivers could save £7,376 over three years by switching to a 100% electric car.

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