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Email remains the worlds preferred business communication medium with around 280 billion sent and received every day, however email is likely to be the most common ‘chink in the armour’ as far as the security of any company’s communication strategy.

Email has been likened to an open postcard carrying huge volumes of sensitive data across the internet.

Companies all want to continue to use email, as it is so quick and easy, but in 2019 it is of paramount importance that a system is adopted which allows the sender of an email to secure its sensitive content whilst also ensuring its delivery to the intended recipient.

The need to keep data safe

Data is any companies most precious asset. The professional services sector has always sought to respect the confidentiality and security of its client’s data, but changing legislation, alongside the ever increasing threat of cyber-attacks is bringing a new dimension to the challenges associated with this process.

Reputational damage, along with significant financial penalties from the Information Commissioners Office are just two of the worries a Director of a Company will face if their client data is breached.

Encryption – is it enough?

Sending an email to the wrong person is probably the most commonly reported human error in email use.

Unfortunately, many secure email solutions still fail to meet the challenge of ensuring the communication can only be viewed by its intended recipient.

The most secure email, with the highest level of encryption, can still inadvertently be sent to the wrong person.

Mailock Solution

Beyond Encryption’s Mailock® product, with its quick and simple implementation, uniquely addresses this critical risk by affording the sender unprecedented levels of control, including IDENTITY VERIFICATION. Thus ensuring that the email is not only secure as it travels across the web but also that it can only be opened and viewed by the intended recipient.

For more information on Mailock contact one of the Taylor Made team today on 01329 239900 or

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