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Not all security services are the same

With security being such a hot topic, many Managed Service Providers (MSP) are re-branding themselves as Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP’s) to jump on the security band wagon, but often only offering a few additional products to justify the title.

This is creating an issue for many businesses as they don’t know which direction to turn to get the service they need to keep their organisation safe from cybercrime. So, how can companies who don’t have any security knowledge or expertise know what they are looking for when it comes to picking a credible security partner?

Here are some things that you want to look out for when selecting your security partner:

Try before you buy

Any company offering you a security service should be able to provide you with a trial of the solution, allowing you to see how effective it is for your business. They should be able to present a report that shows you what’s good and what’s not, so you can see value for money and determine how at risk your business is.

At Taylor Made, we offer a ‘preliminary’ security review – allowing you the opportunity to see just how vulnerable your company is and try out our services. We call this itBusinessSecure CyberScoreCard. This combines a test on your defences against outside threats and also a dark web search to see what information is out there about your business which could be exploited. Our itBusinessSecure CyberScoreCard provides you with an initial risk assessment. We know you’ll be impressed by what we can uncover.


Your chosen partner should have several tools that they use to be able to hunt down the threats that put your business at risk. The tools should be based on the latest technology and not just basic anti-virus bolted together with a spam solution. Any good partner will use applications that adhere to the ‘Mitre Attack Framework’ and should carry out procedures based on this comprehensive benchmark process, if your partner isn’t using this framework, you need to ask why not.

Staff & Certifications

Security staff are different to support staff.

Any company selling security services should have certified engineers who have either an Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) or Crest certification. These are globally recognised, industry leading security bodies that certify the skills of the company selling security services. If your security vendor doesn’t have any of these credentials, simply walk away.


As well as having national or globally recognised security qualifications, your security partner should be able to demonstrate they adhere to ISO standards such as ISO 9001 (focused on quality and getting things right first time) and ISO 27001 (focused on information management and security). Both of these standards demonstrate that your security partner takes these two key credentials seriously and adhere to the standards and follow best practice.


Finding the right security partner is a minefield, don’t take a chance with your IT infrastructure and ensure that you use a certified partner to provide you with true peace of mind.

Following our advice, Taylor Made will ensure you understand the current threats and vulnerabilities to your business and provide a robust solution to meet the needs of your business.  We are already OSCP certified and have a fully operational Security Operations Centre too. But don’t take our word for it. Allow us to prove our security ‘know how’ by taking advantage of our itBusinessSecure review.

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