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Satnav is the car industry’s answer to a plan – getting you from A to B without distracting you with a traditional map or relying on the person next to you for directions to get to your destination. As technology has advanced, we’re seeing the adoption of heads-up-display, pre-planned journeys sent to vehicles, integration of smart phone apps and voice command. The possibilities for planning your route are seemingly endless.

When it comes to mapping out the future in business, many of us will have undergone budget reviews at the end of the calendar year – planning what you’ll spend across the business within the next year.

But how many of us will have stopped to think about how we will use Information Technology (IT) beyond the next 12 months or look ahead at the next 36-60 months?

IT is now at the centre of all businesses, supporting or influencing all teams and functions in some way. However, businesses often overlook taking a pro-active approach to reviewing and planning their ‘IT journey’, reviewing what IT structure is required to meet the goals and ambitions of the business over the next 5- years – effectively creating a route map to support business growth and success.

As an example, if you are planning to drive to Turin in Italy to ski, you don’t just set your satnav for the route, you’ll need to book a ferry or Eurotunnel, and plan every stage of the route from door-to-door. The same is true for your IT strategy – you need a plan.

Isn’t it time to ask:

Is your IT fit for purpose today?  

Will your IT meet your business needs for the next 12 months?

Do you know what your business will need for the next 5 years?

Does existing technology expose your business to unnecessary risks?

Is your IT facilitating your business growth and not holding it back?

Is your business as secure as you think from cybercrime?

If we’re honest, most businesses will answer no to at least one of these questions. What about you?

As a leading independent Managed Service Provider (MSP) based in the Solent region, Taylor Made Computer Solutions (TMCS) are frequently brought in to fix issues retrospectively; reconfiguring IT systems or replace existing suppliers and their services. This is often due to a catastrophic problem, outage or security breach that could have easily been averted with a bit of planning – a satnav route plan – but for your IT. At TMCS we call this a Strategic Review.

Over 25 years as a leading IT service provider, we have seen many different ‘IT estates’. You could say we’ve seen it all; the good the bad and the downright ugly. No matter what we face, we get totally emerged in your business: what success looks like; your business plans and look at what restrictions your current IT places on your business – throttling back your opportunity for growth.

Because we are solution independent, we have a broad portfolio of products, services and technical skills to select from. We work with a host of vendors to ensure we tailor fit every solution to meet your needs. Unlike many other MSPs, we would never suggest a ‘one size fits all’ approach – it simply doesn’t work.  Despite what Microsoft maybe suggesting, Azure is only one option!  Every business is different and so too is your ‘IT roadmap’.

We follow a simple traffic light approach when we conduct a Strategic Review; we’ll get under the hood of your business, understand your infrastructure, working practices and devise achievable costed and prioritised recommendations, removing risks and driving improvements required to support your future business growth plans.

Start your technology journey in 2020 with a plan

Recent studies show that over 60% of businesses suffered downtime in the last 12 months; over 87% of businesses don’t have adequate disaster recovery plans or suitable cyber security protocols in place. Our approach to Strategic Reviews will highlight the issues before they have chance to impact your business. No matter what your business is, we start with a comprehensive audit of your IT; providing you with a technology investment roadmap for your business – today and for the next 5 years; giving you peace of mind and certainty that you understand the strengths of your existing infrastructure and the improvements required to secure your business continuity.

With a TMCS Strategic Review, we’ll get you on the road to securing your business growth and providing the IT infrastructure required to arrive at your business destination on time.

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