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Making the most of Microsoft Teams

With communication being more important than ever and remote working meaning we can’t easily interact with our colleagues; Microsoft Teams offers the ideal solution. Teams is the ideal flexible collaboration tool for the current climate, allowing you to talk with anyone, at any time on any device.


Instant chat is arguably one of the most valuable traits of Microsoft Teams. The chat feature allows you to set up groups for your teams and projects or to message individuals instantly. With this messaging feature, you can see your colleague’s availability and get far quicker responses than you might through Outlook. Also, any messaging is persistent, meaning you can go back to old conversations, which can come in handy.

Remote meetings

Since we’re unable to host meetings face-to-face, Teams offers remote meetings which can be hosted as either a phone call or video. You have the ability to send meeting invites directly to your colleagues and even to partners outside of your business, meaning business can continue as normal. Another important feature of Teams is the ability to share your screen, a really handy tool when collaborating with others.

Live events

It may be difficult to plan and host events at the moment, but with Teams there is no reason why you can’t host events digitally. Similarly to the remote meeting function, you are able to schedule events for people to log in and view, similar to a webinar or presentation. This could be a great way to share your businesses message, sell products or simply get in touch with your clients and partners.

There is much more to Microsoft Teams, including the ability to enable telephony and integrate with Office 365. If you’d like to learn more about Microsoft Teams, email us on and we will send you a link to our Teams webinar, hosted by our Chief Technical Officer, Matt Faulkner.

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