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COVID-19 is quickly becoming a severe cybersecurity threat. The volume of email threats and cyber-attacks throughout this pandemic is continuing to mount. Not only have private emails been targeted with phishing (fraudulent emails claiming to be from respectable companies to encourage individuals to reveal personal information) and malicious attachments, but business email compromise (BEC) has become an enormous issue.

Sadly, cybercriminals are exploiting the current situation when they know people are at their most vulnerable. The good news is that there are plenty of ways you can protect yourself and your business against cyber-attacks.

Firstly, ensure your passwords are as secure as possible, easy! By securing your passwords, it becomes increasingly more difficult for anyone to infiltrate your systems and access your data, so use unique passwords for logins and routers, where possible, use a reliable VPN for your internet access. There are other options to keep yourself protected, including 2FA (two-factor authentication) and MFA (Multi-factor authentication). 2FA and MFA are authentication methods in which a user is only granted access after successfully presenting two or more matching pieces of evidence, usually a code or security question. If you would like more information about either 2MA or MFA, our expert team can help.

Secondly, be vigilant. When it comes down to opening emails and links, make sure you are not accessing anything from unreliable or untrusted sources, including downloads from the internet. Double-check the sources before opening or downloading, and if your security software alerts you to potential harm, listen!

Finally, if you are cautious of your business security, enlist an expert agency to support you with keeping your staff, data, and systems safe. Our IT and Data Security services combine threat intelligence, advanced detection technology, and expert security analyst coverage dynamically protecting your organisation 24/7, get in touch by emailing to find out how we can help.

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