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Microsoft Azure, formerly known as Windows Azure, is a public (and private) cloud platform. It offers a range of cloud services, from analytics to storage, allowing users to select their preferred solutions. Azure is an adaptable system that is suitable for many industries, including e-commerce to finance, and many in between.

The cloud services offered by Azure include analytics, networking, integration, security, migration, and many more, which can be hand-picked to suit your needs. Here are three top reasons why Microsoft Azure is being widely adopted during this time:

  1. Allow your team to access cloud apps securely

Accessing apps securely is important, and Microsoft Azure allows your team to access cloud apps from personal devices and remote locations. Azure AD Conditional Access will enable you to apply security policies, meaning that the right people will have access to the correct apps without jeopardizing security or organisational requirements. Plus, you can even add MFA (multi-factor authentication) challenges or compliance devices to double up on protection for home workers. If you already have Conditional Access in place, it’s worth checking your policies to ensure remote access is not being prevented. Some policies block access when outside of the corporate network, so you may be able to find better-suited controls for your remote working team.

  1. Access on-premise apps when you’re away from the corporate network

You probably have applications that are crucial for your business but are run on-premise and cannot be accessed from outside your corporate network. Azure AD Application Proxy is an intelligent tool that allows you to access these apps without requiring open access to your network. This can be combined with Conditional Access (mentioned above) to ensure all access is safe and secure.

  1. Work closely, from a distance

Our entire view of ‘work’ has been skewed recently; with business meetings and work travel cancelled, it may seem impossible to keep connected with business partners and colleagues. Azure AD’s B2b collaboration capacities can help you use your chosen communication app, including SharePoint, Teams, Google Drive, securely across company boundaries, meaning you don’t have to lose touch.

To find out more about Microsoft Azure, and the capabilities that could help your business during this time, contact our expert team today on

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