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In today’s world, we have staff working in many different locations, and the (perhaps false sense of) security and comfort that we gain from the majority being based in the office is no longer applicable. As our way of working has had to evolve rapidly, the security provision for our IT needs to follow. In nearly all cases, those who were office-based are now working ‘outside of the castle walls.’

Staff are now working in environments that are not controlled, they have IT which is not managed, and the risk to your IT security has never been higher. In that sense, the tools and services which you use to monitor, maintain the security of your systems need to be up to the challenge.

IT security is so much more than antivirus. For many, the security of IT has been dependent on antivirus software. While this is important, it does not comprehensively protect against the risks that we face. The security of your IT is more than protecting against viruses and malware. It is vital to detect threats, understand the actions and events that occur, which constitute potentials threats, and use modern artificial intelligence technologies to determine the level of risk and take appropriate action.

One of the biggest challenges is understanding what is going on across an entire IT estate and yet is it also key to correctly understanding the risks you are susceptible to and even which threats already active within your IT. By connecting actions and events across your IT we can build a picture of what’s happening, identify a series of seemingly innocent, isolated, and independent steps that constitute a risk and implement the appropriate response.

How we can help you with your security needs:

–       With our packages, you invest in IT security that proactively monitors, detects, and responds to threats whenever your staff are working and wherever they are located.

–       You will minimise any risk by improving staff awareness through phishing testing and training.

–       Gain real-time insight into what is happening throughout your IT and take action to stop threats before they happen.

–       Improve auditing and compliance across your IT services, on-premises, and cloud, to provide early visibility of threats or other malicious activities.

If you’d like to find out more about our IT security services, please contact us today on

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