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It is a well-known fact that technology moves at an unrivalled rate compared to the vast majority of other sectors. That being said, nobody could have predicted the seismic acceleration that COVID -19 has inflicted upon the adoption of a new generation of collaboration tools designed for remote-working. The landscape has changed forever, bringing an end to the ‘business headquarters’ as we know it.

The truth is, the technology has been there for some time. However, businesses had never needed to be so brave before; there was no need to be early adopters; it was considered a risk, not a necessity. Homeworking has always raised concerns around levels of productivity, questions of employer/employee trust, and the effectiveness of people management from afar.  Businesses required a catalyst, a stimulus to progress, in COVID-19 it has come in an unwanted form; nevertheless, those perceived fears have been extinguished quickly – landing a blow to commercial landlords across the UK.

The HQ will be smaller, public areas will be more modest, and the scramble for meeting rooms less frequent. Connectivity circuits will be bolder and more robust, applications will be slicker and more readily available, devices will be more powerful, and people will be more reachable than ever before.

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