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With a considerable increase in cyber-crime this year, experts have warned that outsourcers working with the public sector are at a higher risk of cyber-attack, with hackers exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic. Hacking is something that has been highlighted in the news lately. Research shows that hackers are exploiting the epidemic in an effort to gain data. Specifically, many people have been contacted by cyber-criminals, citing the message that they have been in contact with someone infected with COVID, in an attempt to access their data. 

Interserve is a Hampshire based multinational group of support services and construction companies. They work closely with the Government and recently supported the build of the NHS Nightingale hospital, Birmingham. Earlier this year, they were unfortunate enough to be severely impacted by a large-scale cyber-attack. Reports say hackers accessed a HR database and were able to steal the data for up to 100,000 people, including employees and past employees. Due to the nature of the firms’ work, Interserve also holds data for schools, transport links, and other key services. 

Research shows that cyber-criminals are not only exploiting the pandemic but also specifically focusing on the health and education sectors in their attacks. These sectors tend to use many different contractors and agencies, meaning it can be more challenging to secure and administrate. We recommend you double check your IT and data security to avoid these risks. If you’re not sure where to start with your data security, contact our expert team today on We’d be happy to help.  

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