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The new Microsoft Teams 

Plenty of businesses will be accustomed to Microsoft Teams by now, but there are exciting new updates that will make collaborating even easier! Check out the points below to make sure you’re getting the most of the new Microsoft Teams. 

 Meetings & Calls  

  • An improved ‘meeting launch’ experience. If you have received an invite link, your flow from link to meeting will now be far more seamless. You’ll have the option to continue to Teams on your browser, divert to the Teams app, or download the app. 
  • You’ll be able to change meeting settings ease. The addition of a small button (which looks like a tick and cross) will mean meeting organisers can change presenter and lobby settings once the meeting has started. 
  • For large-scale meetings, it can be helpful to know who actually attended, now you can! With the new download button, you can export a participant report, which includes who attended and what time each attendee joined and left the call. Please note, this is only available while the meeting is running, so be sure to download it before closing the meeting. 
  • We have all seen the funny, relaxing, and quirky backgrounds available on Teams. But, if you’re tired of hosting calls with everyone appearing to be on the beach, tenant admins can now disable or limit these effects. 
  • Teams and Skype will work together soon, which will be a great benefit for businesses that rely on calls with partners or suppliers who don’t have access to Teams. 

 Chat & Collaboration  

  • Templates will be introduced for common ‘team types,’ making it easier than ever to set up your teams. 
  • Microsoft Lists will be rolled out across the platform allowing everyone to track information and organise work. You can list anything from contacts to inventory, making it a great collaboration tool for your employees. 
  • If your organisation is large, you may have felt limited by the user restrictions in Teams and chats. The good news is that you will be able to add up to 250 users to a chat and a massive 10,000 members to individual teams.   
  • If you find yourself switching through your applications while trying to reply to your colleagues, the new chat pop-out feature will help. Simply double-click the chat, and it will ‘pop out’ in a smaller and more agile box, allowing you to keep the chat open alongside your work and easily monitor more conversations at once. 

These are just an overview of updates, and there are more changes for Education and Government services who use Microsoft Teams. Plus, there are further updates regarding development, app management, and the platform itself that may be worth your IT team investigating further. Overall, these changes should be beneficial for most users and allow remote workers to communicate quickly and efficiently with their team. 

 If you’re still looking for a valuable collaboration tool to improve your team’s productivity and communication, we can help! As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, our experts are on hand to help get you up and running. Simply contact us today on, and one of our friendly team will be in touch to see how we can support your future IT solutions. 

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