For most organisations, IT infrastructure is essential to the day-to-day operations, driving forward and facilitating business processes.

Our core value is our passion for technology.  We are passionate about providing quality hardware and software applications. All of our suppliers undergo a rigorous selection process and are approved by our product board before we add them to our portfolio.

We sold our first laptop in 1994 and have been delivering tailored, fit for purpose, cost effective IT solutions to business of all sizes, ever since. Whether you need us to provide a single user desktop, to equipping multiple sites with servers, desktops, phones and more. We can deliver, install and manage all of your hardware and software requirements, allowing you to focus on running your business.


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Infrastructure Solutions

We supply a wide range of high quality IT hardware and software from many global manufacturers, ensuring your business has the right IT solution to meet your requirements.

Solution Design

Highly experienced consultants provide strategic advice on selecting the right IT solution for your business


With centralised computing you can reduce complexity while maximising resource use and availability


A critical component in the delivery of traditional on-premises business applications and data


Consolidate workloads to dramatically improve the efficiency and avaiability of resources


Ensure IT investments are protected with rapid access to spare parts and specialist hardware support if required


A convenient interface between a user and their work related data and applications


Increase user productivity through the deploymen of appropriate input and output devices

Hardware and software upgrade

When IT assets are more than three years old or out of warranty, the performance of the system can be impacted and risks of failure become greater. This brings increased risk to the organisation and increases the overall support costs.

Taking the right approach to any IT upgrade is essential to ensure that current and futures needs are addressed, while issues and pains are not carried into the new solution.

We work closely with businesses to understand and review the IT they use and how they use it. This strategic approach enables us to align the IT refresh with the organisation’s strategic goals and ultimately take advantage of the investment to its fullest.

Enhance the value of IT

Ageing IT hardware and out of date software can be more of a hindrance to an organisation than a help.

High support costs, low productivity and increased maintenance charges all combine to reduce the value of IT to end users.

Refreshing and replacing old IT can quickly provide productivity benefits and improve the utilisation of IT, ultimately improving the return on investment.

Products and Services

Below we have listed a few items from our extensive portfolio.


  • Mice
  • Keyboards
  • Laptop Bags
  • Printer Ink
  • Network Cabling
  • Power Supplies


  • Desktops and Thin Clients
  • Headsets and Handsets
  • Servers
  • Tablets
  • Mobile Phones
  • Routers


  • Citrix
  • Meraki
  • Microsoft
  • Symantec
  • Mimecast
  • Cisco


  • HP Care Packs
  • APC Extended Warranties
  • Meraki Warranties
  • Cisco Smart Net
  • AppleCare

Strategic Path

When upgrading your IT you need a strategic path in place to ensure that the current and futures needs of the business are addressed.

Enhance Value

Refreshing and replacing old IT can quickly provide productivity benefits and improve the utilisation of IT

Flexible Pricing

Pay-as-you-go or fixed price options available to suit your individual requirements.

Hardware / Software

All our hardware and software undergo a rigurous selection process and must be approved by our product board before we add them to our portfolio.

Support Options

We have a highly skilled, friendly team of engineers on hand to help solve your IT issues quickly and efficiently when you need them most.
  • Taylor Made understand the importance of delivering support on time

    Portsmouth NHS Trust
    Taylor Made Computer Solutions have proven themselves to be a strategic IT partner for our team at Portsmouth NHS trust and we have started to see the benefits of such an arrangement.
  • Our business is better as a result of using Taylor Made's services.

    Absolute Calibration Ltd
    Taylor Made has never let our business down. Whatever we challenge them with, they always find an effective way to provide the service.
  • Taylor Made have been our IT provider for a while now.

    Active Nation
    Taylor Made are trustworthy, reliable and honest. How often can you say that about your IT provider?  
  • Our company data is in good hands thanks to Taylor Made.

    Liberty Leasing
    Securo Backup and Recovery has been a God send! No more coming into the office at weekends, Christmas and holidays to change tapes. We are so glad it is no longer something we have to worry about.  
  • Taylor Made has really helped our business over the years.

    Brendoncare Foundation
    Securo Backup & Recovery has enabled us to remove the need to keep changing backup tapes and storing them. It has also sped up the time needed to recover a document if required.
  • Working with Taylor Made was the best decision we made.

    PHVC Ltd
    They are a well run, friendly company with expertise and interest in the products they supply. They are such a great business.
  • A really helpful and brilliant service provided.

    UK Wide Leisure Company
    Matts visit to us yesterday at the outdoor sports centre was brilliant. He came in to setup some laptops for us. He was very helpful, made sure everything was working 100% before he left also took away a few actions to complete which he couldn't do whilst on site.
  • Taylor Made have provided excellent support for our IT requirements.

    Marchwood Power
    Taylor Made proposed, designed and implemented SharePoint for our complex and demanding documentation but this is proving to be a great success in both its speed and flexibility.
  • In partnering with Taylor Made, life has become very dull!

    Dartmouth General Contractors
    We really like the flexibility that Office 365 provides. It enables us to scale to our business demands and provides a consistent set of applications across our staff base, despite their location. Having worked with TMCS for many years, we took their recommendation to move to 365 with the confidence that TMCS can efficiently backup and support the environment.
  • Taylor Made were there to ensure we could function as a business again.

    Khan Morris Accountants
    The fire was a very stressful time for us, but the detailed planning and hands-on approach from Taylor Made was critical and very important to the success of our business's relocation and IT system set up.
  • A high level of support is achieved from the staff at Taylor Made.

    Coffin Mew LLP
    Taylor Made designed and implemented our infrastructure as well as providing support, training and strategic advice. There has been strong customer service and quality which we see at all levels within Taylor Made.
  • A lot has changed in the ten years we have been working together.

    Beaulieu Enterprises
    We are delighted that with Taylor Made's help we have always been one step ahead of the game, which has made a positive impact on our services to visitors.
  • Taylor Made's staff are extremely kind and really good company.

    Liberty Leasing Plc
    Some of the engineers from Taylor Made visited our office and did a great job, and made a fast turnaround for us. They cracked on and were extremely friendly.

Business Process

On average 47% of organisations IT infrastructure is essential to day-to-day operations, driving forward and facilitating business processes.