Beyond Encryption – Secure email service

Sending personal and financial data by email is the digital equivalent of sending it on a postcard, visible to every server handling it as it passes through..

As part of our ongoing strategies to safeguard our client’s data; we are now introducing a ‘secure email service – Mailock’.

The Mailock service, powered by ‘Beyond Encryption Ltd’, sets out to defend you from cyber-crime to ensure that those wishing to defraud you cannot intercept any sensitive email content.

Sadly, the indiscriminate subject of Identity Fraud has become a daily feature in the news. A key part of ensuring the current and future safety of information will involve working with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), enacted from May 2018. For this reason, Taylor Made are now extending our product portfolio to include the ‘secure email service – Mailock’.


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Secure your emails today

Mailock employs military-grade encryption to secure your sensitive information and ensure safe passage of your email… but this is only part of the story. Sending information to the wrong person in an email can be just as damaging as an online fraudster intercepting that same communication.

Key Features

  • Secure recorded delivery and response
  • Integrates easily using their existing systems
  • Data sovereignty and control
  • Data integrity and cleansing
  • Auditing and regulatory compliance
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Deliver targeted marketing messages and promotions

Simple integration

We know that it is important to reach your audience securely, so Mailock seamlessly integrates with your existing email systems; whether working at the desktop or seeking to replace volume communications through automation.

Controlling your data

Your data is crucial when seeking to meet regulatory obligations; Mailock affords unparalleled control by enabling you to hold and manage your own encrypted email data store, including identity authentication parameters.

Reading Secure Email

Users pay nothing to read secure messages which are delivered conveniently and securely into their normal email systems using simple apps or their internet browser.

Data integrity and cleansing

Business users may encourage their recipients to connect multiple email addresses and even alternative contact methods to increase their contact footprint.

Return data feeds allow the sender to improve the maintenance of important contact information, automating the task of staying in touch.

Auditing and regulatory compliance

Regulatory compliance is of paramount importance to businesses and their customers and Mailock’s tracking can add robust verification data to any audit trail.

Carbon footprint

We all have a corporate social responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint.

Mailock offers an unprecedented opportunity to replace traditional ‘print, pack and post’ operations by improving operating efficiencies, customer service and security whilst simultaneously reducing costs and emissions.

Targeted promotions & seeking marketing Opt Ins

Mailock provides a single, secure, point for all your sensitive digital communication and provides you, the business user, with a targeted marketing opportunity.

Contact us for further details of how Mailock can complement your existing secure login areas, ‘spread the word’ for your business and enhance your promotional activities.


Mailock makes it easy, convenient and secure for you to send and receive statements and records via email.

Reduce your costs

Mailock reduces your costs, improves customer experience and provides a new and improved level of audit.

Carbon Footprint

The Mailock platform enables you to reduce carbon emissions, something all businesses must achieve under government legislation.


Helps you to meet regulatory compliance requirements making it possible for you to verify that a specific individual has viewed the content.


We have helped hundreds of customers of all sizes with our secure email service.

Taylor Made understand the importance of delivering support on time

Portsmouth NHS Trust
Taylor Made Computer Solutions have proven themselves to be a strategic IT partner for our team at Portsmouth NHS trust and we have started to see the benefits of such an arrangement.

Unsecure communications can be costly

In 2016, cyber-crime cost UK companies £30 billion and this is predicted to rise by 40%.