Software Development

Taylor Made Computer Solutions have been developing bespoke software applications for over 15 years.

From entry-level websites to complex bespoke line-of-business applications including intranets, extranets, business intelligence, reporting, databases, windows applications and many more. Our Software Development team can bring your applications and data together to deliver business intelligence when and where it is needed.
We have a highly experienced team who have an excellent track record for delivering software on time and to budget. The skills available within the team mean we are able to design and deliver custom software to match and compliment your business requirements.


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Database Development

Database and Systems Analysis

Organisations now have complex software systems and relationships between them. Often these systems will overlap or require multiple inputs of the same information, for example, new customer information being typed into several systems (i.e. CRM, Accounting, etc.).

With our database and systems analysis skills we can help identify these issues and potentially assist to overcome them, producing a more efficient solution with reduced exposure to the risk of user error.

Data Migration & Integration

Once system relationships and integration needs have been identified we can utilise the power of Microsoft SQL Server and its Integration Services suite to provide automated systems integration processes.

Examples of previous solutions have included database to website integration where website pages are updated with the latest database content and the migration of customer data from an accounts package into a CRM solution.

Data Warehousing

Using Microsoft SQL Server and its associated tools, we can develop multi-dimensional data warehouses to drive analysis of key business areas and KPIs. Data Warehouses can capture data from a variety of application databases depending on reporting requirements.

Reporting and Business Intelligence

Databases and Data Warehouses provide the ability to report on key business data. Business Intelligence provides information to the people who need it at the time they need to know it.

Examples of solutions we can provide include reports, using tools such as Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, Microsoft Excel, and Crystal Reports. These solutions will also typically include dashboards developed using our web development skillset, or within a product available ‘off the shelf’ such as Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft Power BI.

Website Development

Website Development

Taylor Made can develop, support and maintain websites and web-based solutions developed with a variety of technologies.

Utilising industry standard web technology such as ASP.NET, and PHP technology we can develop Web-Based Business applications, whether Intranet or Internet facing. We can also use the latest web technologies such as HTML5, AngularJS and Bootstrap enable us to develop modern, responsive and fast web applications. We also provide solutions using common Content Management Systems such as WordPress and Joomla!

Website Migration

We provide the capability to carefully and correctly move websites between hosting platforms. This will involve analysis of:

  • The current hosting platform
  • The current code (if necessary)
  • Any databases that may be referenced
  • Any configuration that may need duplicating (e.g. FTP users)

Bespoke Development

Microsoft Office Development

We have development experience with Microsoft Office products. This includes macro development (VBA) and whole product development using Excel, Access, Outlook and Word. We can develop with all versions of Microsoft Office.

Other Development

Depending on requirements we can develop a small bespoke application (such as a file uploader) based on Microsoft technologies or PHP.

Website Development

Our experienced website developers use your web strategy, content and design to build your individual website.


Bespoke applications to meet businesses individual requirements now and for the future.


Business intelligence & reporting that include detailed automated reports and tailored dashboards.

Intranets & Extranets

We have the capabilities to design bespoke intranets and extranets to suit your business requirements.


Our Software Development team have been developing bespoke software applications for over 15 years.
  • Taylor Made understand the importance of delivering support on time

    Portsmouth NHS Trust
    Taylor Made Computer Solutions have proven themselves to be a strategic IT partner for our team at Portsmouth NHS trust and we have started to see the benefits of such an arrangement.
  • Our business is better as a result of using Taylor Made's services.

    Absolute Calibration Ltd
    Taylor Made has never let our business down. Whatever we challenge them with, they always find an effective way to provide the service.
  • Taylor Made have been our IT provider for a while now.

    Active Nation
    Taylor Made are trustworthy, reliable and honest. How often can you say that about your IT provider?  
  • Our company data is in good hands thanks to Taylor Made.

    Liberty Leasing
    Securo Backup and Recovery has been a God send! No more coming into the office at weekends, Christmas and holidays to change tapes. We are so glad it is no longer something we have to worry about.  
  • Taylor Made has really helped our business over the years.

    Brendoncare Foundation
    Securo Backup & Recovery has enabled us to remove the need to keep changing backup tapes and storing them. It has also sped up the time needed to recover a document if required.
  • Working with Taylor Made was the best decision we made.

    PHVC Ltd
    They are a well run, friendly company with expertise and interest in the products they supply. They are such a great business.
  • A really helpful and brilliant service provided.

    UK Wide Leisure Company
    Matts visit to us yesterday at the outdoor sports centre was brilliant. He came in to setup some laptops for us. He was very helpful, made sure everything was working 100% before he left also took away a few actions to complete which he couldn't do whilst on site.
  • Taylor Made have provided excellent support for our IT requirements.

    Marchwood Power
    Taylor Made proposed, designed and implemented SharePoint for our complex and demanding documentation but this is proving to be a great success in both its speed and flexibility.
  • In partnering with Taylor Made, life has become very dull!

    Dartmouth General Contractors
    We really like the flexibility that Office 365 provides. It enables us to scale to our business demands and provides a consistent set of applications across our staff base, despite their location. Having worked with TMCS for many years, we took their recommendation to move to 365 with the confidence that TMCS can efficiently backup and support the environment.
  • Taylor Made were there to ensure we could function as a business again.

    Khan Morris Accountants
    The fire was a very stressful time for us, but the detailed planning and hands-on approach from Taylor Made was critical and very important to the success of our business's relocation and IT system set up.
  • A high level of support is achieved from the staff at Taylor Made.

    Coffin Mew LLP
    Taylor Made designed and implemented our infrastructure as well as providing support, training and strategic advice. There has been strong customer service and quality which we see at all levels within Taylor Made.
  • A lot has changed in the ten years we have been working together.

    Beaulieu Enterprises
    We are delighted that with Taylor Made's help we have always been one step ahead of the game, which has made a positive impact on our services to visitors.
  • Taylor Made's staff are extremely kind and really good company.

    Liberty Leasing Plc
    Some of the engineers from Taylor Made visited our office and did a great job, and made a fast turnaround for us. They cracked on and were extremely friendly.

Software Budget

About 1 in 8 companies spend more than 50% of their software budgets on custom development.